5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Web Designers in Portland

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How to Choose the Right Portland Web Designers

A company’s website provides most customers with their first impression of the brand. Portland web designers can design an online space to build relationships, share information, and make sales. Before you make the big decision, here are five questions to ask before hiring web designers in Portland.

1. What experience do you have with similar projects?

An experienced web designer will be able to showcase multiple work samples in their portfolio. Experience working on similar projects, either for clients in the same industry or for similar types of websites, eliminates much of the learning curve that comes with a new web designer. If they can show you examples from similar projects, it will give you a better idea of what they can provide for your company and that they understand the nuances and jargon of your industry. Work samples can also showcase a designer’s style to see if it matches with your vision.

2. What is your design process?

Before you start working with a web designer, it’s helpful to understand their process and the steps they take to creating a great website. What do they need from you? How hands-on do they expect you to be? Do they have specific briefs that need to be completed? Understanding the design process can also help your company know when to expect updates and deliverables.

3. What are your rates and deadlines?

Before hiring Portland web designers, you should be on the same page about the rates and deadlines. Be clear when discussing rates—some web designers charge a flat rate for the entire project, and others charge an hourly rate depending on how long it takes them to finish the project. With a flat rate, be clear about what is included and who owns the rights to the content and designs when the project is complete. You should also check to see if the rates include post-launch maintenance and support and if that is something the web designers offer. Having clear deadlines is also helpful to keep everyone on the same page. Deadlines can include everything from when the initial brief and mockups will be ready to when the entire site will be complete and ready to go live. Taking time before hiring a web designer to fully understand rates and deadlines can prevent confusion and miscommunication down the road.

4. How do you test your websites?

Web design is more than just creating a beautiful website. It also must be functional. Great web designers thoroughly test their websites to ensure everything works and that it creates a great user experience. Data privacy and security is also an important issue, especially on websites where customers are making purchases or sharing information. Ask potential web designers how they test their websites and what they test for. Some firms may only test to make sure the links work, while others will run the website through the entire gamut of testing. The best testing is done on multiple browsers and devices to make sure the experience is consistent no matter how the website is accessed. Web testing should be done before the site is live; otherwise, you could be faced with disgruntled customers or employees trying to work through an in-progress website.

5. Do you optimize your designs for mobile and other devices?

In our modern world, most people don’t access websites on a computer. More and more people are online on their phones or other mobile devices. Your website should be optimized for mobile, which means it still provides a great user experience that fits on the screen and is easy to navigate. Before hiring web designers, ask about their cross-device optimization. If will be helpful to know if optimizing a website for mobile is included in the price and deadline expectations or if it will be an additional cost. The best websites have a modern design and are scalable and responsive.

Taking time to ask questions and do your research before hiring Portland web designers can help you find the perfect match to create a professional, quality website that meets your company’s needs.

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